Animal Clinic of Mt. Vernon

Pet Education

140 Mount Vernon Ave, Mt Vernon, NY   (914) 699-8180

Welcome to the Animal Clinic of Mt. Vernon!

The Animal Clinic of Mount Vernon has been in operation since June of 1979. Dr. Alan Meyer left a large practice in Westchester with five doctors to set up a smaller office that would allow more personal interaction between doctor and client, and to permit better continuity in the treatment of your pets.

We feel that a smaller practice allows us to get to know you and your pet, answer your questions, and to better follow up on your petís response to treatment. We are great believers in dietary management and the use of vitamins and nutraceuticals to control or treat many problems.

Dr. Meyer has taken a postgraduate seminar in chiropractic treatment for cats and dogs. He also performs Tellington T-Touch, a hands-on healing method for pets. He believes in a traditional and complementary approach to Veterinary Medicine.

Call for an appointment. You are welcome to fax records in anticipation of your first visit. Please call for our fax number. We are open on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday for appointments.

Did you know? Riva and Salty were two guide dogs who saved their owner's lives just before the World Trade Centre collapsed. They guided their blind owners, Mr. Roselle and Mr. Hingson, down the crowded, smoke filled stairs from the 71st floor and were later honored for their bravery.